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Bird Sexing

Bird Sexing

Avian AutoradsParrotIn the past, gender determination of sexually monomorphic birds was invasive and stressful for the animal. For the breeder, it was time consuming and expensive. Recent advances in biotechnology have produced a PCR-based test that has been successful for determining sex in most species of birds. The test requires only a drop of blood or plucked feathers and can be performed at any age. The PCR test is quick and accurate. Female birds are the heterogametic sex and possess ZW sex chromosomes while the male birds possess ZZ sex chromosomes. The PCR primers are designed for a specific region on the W chromosome but will also amplify a similar region on the Z. Since the females possess the two different sex chromosomes, the PCR product will result in two bands, one from each sex chromosome. The male birds on the other hand will have only one band. The two images to the right show the diagnostic bands for distinguishing sex among Green Aracaris and Amazon Parrots.

For sample submission information, please view our "Bird Sexing - Sample Collection Procedures" form.

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Pricing for Bird Sexing (Blood or Feathers)
Price per Sample Samples per Submission
$19.00 1 - 20
$18.50 21 - 40
$18.00 41 - 60
$17.50 61 - 80
$17.00 81 - 100
$15.00 - $16.50 over 100, multiple submissions or long-term contract
Please call with any questions concerning sample collection and shipping or for volume discount pricing.

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