Therion International, LLC is the recognized leader in providing reliable and accurate DNA-based testing services for addressing questions concerning the genetic identity of animals. The staff at Therion International has successfully processed samples from over 350 species/breeds of animals - unsurpassed by any known commercial or research DNA laboratory. Therion International has developed 12 proprietary RFLP multi-locus probes (OPT™-series), each of which is capable of assaying a different subset of a genome. These probes detect highly variable DNA-sequence information, regardless of species. In addition, Therion International offers assays that employ DNA amplification techniques. Therion International has also developed a unique set of software for computer analysis of these data and provides long-term data or sample storage services.

Our DNA-based testing services can be used to address questions concerning the genetics of aquatic, companion, domestic, wild and/or zoo animals.

Applications of Therion International DNA profile analysis include:

  1. Sire/Dam Verification
  2. Registry/Individual Identity
  3. Strain Characterization/Genetic Monitoring
  4. Estimation of Genetic Variation within/among populations
  5. Breed/Population/Subspecies Differentiation
  6. Identification of DNA markers linked to performance traits or genetic disorders
  7. Research and Development for the identification of novel DNA markers.

If you need more information, please call us at (518) 584-4300 or E-mail Will Gergits (Managing Member) at .